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Inception has taken over my life and I needed to do something with my obsession. This is why I made an Arthur/Ariadne soundtrack - I have to say it's pretty amazing that a pairing that had not more than four scenes together can be such an addiction. But I love them together and I love the potential this pairing has.

In my mind, they went their separate ways after the Fischer job and spent a few months apart, trying to forget about each other and return to their normal lives. Only that it wasn't possible and when a new job occurs, sparks start to fly.
The chemistry and tension would be obvious but they'd both deny it, of course. Arthur is used to controlling everything around him including his emotions so it takes him by surprise that he cannot change how he feels about Ariadne. And Ariadne would try to convince herself that she isn't a girl Arthur could love and she'd try to ignore her feelings. So we'd get a lot of awkwardness, stolen glances, longing and electric touches.

My soundtrack is mostly about how strong their feelings towards each other are and how hard they try to convince themselves they can control them and keep them inside. Dreams are the only place where they don't have to pretend, where they can have their feelings in the open and accept the fact they need each other.
I hope you like it! :)

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Guys, Juliet has got only a few votes more than this Castle person, tell your friends to vote for her!

(also, to all people on my f-list who aren't as obsessed with March Madness as I am - I'm sorry for this spam but I'm afraid I won't stop for at least a few days...)

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.friends cut

I really hate doing this and if I removed you, I'm sorry. I hardly ever post or comment these days and I think it's really unfair to these wonderful people on my friends list. I want to become more active again because this place and my LJ friends mean a lot to me, that's why I decided to remove people who weren't around anymore or people who I don't have many things in common and we never talk. Once again, I'm sorry.
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new directions

Because you know you want to have more Glee fans on your friend list :D

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don't stop believing hold on to that feeling

And here it is - a Glee moodtheme! I used screencaps from the pilot and almost all aired promos and man, it was really hard to find caps for some mood icons! Note: Matthew Morrison makes such hilarious faces :)
Anyway - I hope you like it, I know I do. Making this was one of many ways of surviving til September 9th. I already know that this show will be my biggest obsession a HUGE hit, saying I cannot wait would be an understatement <3

Sample mood icons:
- blank
- calm
- happy
- hyper
- jubilant

eta: I updated the pilot moodtheme with some new moodicons from later episodes, here is the preview:
- angry
- chipper
- creative
- horny
- touched
(+ a live preview at my LJ, you know I had to use it!)

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I think you're beautiful.

Guys, I think I have a new OTP! No, seriously - I watched all 16 episodes of S5 of Grey's Anatomy - twice now - and I'm so obsessed with Owen/Cristina and Owen Hunt himself! He's such a solid, complex, strong character, I just love everything about him. And he's so sexy!
Owen/Cristina never fails to amaze me, their scenes are so loaded with emotions and chemistry and there is such amazing dynamic between these two, I'll never get tired of watching them.

So, here's a little picspam - WARNING: it's highly spoilery so don't look if you haven't seen S5 yet but you're planning to - trust me, you do not want to be spoiled, seeing these scenes for the first time will give you chills :D

Sigh. I wish more of you watched Grey's, I desperately need to fangirl over Owen/Cristina (and Mark/Lexie as well!) with somebody.

Okay, here we go:

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